Buiding Exterior

  • Water leak investigation

  • Joint Sealant

  • Tuckpointing/Masonry Restoration

  • Stone Repair/Replacement

  • Water-repellant (Sealer)

  • Elastomeric Coating (Wall Coating)Pressure washing

  • Painting (Exterior Wall or Others)

  • Stucco Repair

  • Precast Spall Repair

  • Loading Dock Area Traffic Coating

Garage Repairs

  • Bearing Pad Replacement

  • Hunch and Column Repair

  • Concrete Repair

  • Elevated Slab Jacking

  • Double "T" Jacking and Repairs

  • Carbon Fiber Wrap

  • Epoxy Injection and Overlay

  • Expansion Joint Repair/Replacement

  • Joint Sealant

  • Traffic Coating

  • Pressure washing

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Water-repellent Coating

  • Elastomeric Coating

Concrete Repairs

  • Structural Concrete Repair

  • Concrete Restoration/Replacement

  • Concrete Acid Staining

  • Concrete Polishing and Dyeing


  • Caulking/Wet Sealing

  • Cladding Repair/Replacement

  • Investigation

Garage Repairs Below Grade Waterproofing

  • Exterior Liquid Applied Membrane

  • Exterior Sheet Applied Membrane

  • Chemical Grouting

  • Epoxy Injection

Other Services

  • Lot Striping, Handicap, Fire Lane

  • Minor Roofing Repairs

  • Epoxy Floor Coating/Overlay

  • Isolated Demo


Pavecon Waterproofing & Restoration specializes in meeting the needs of commercial, industrial, health care and hospitality  companies, as well as Government buildings and large Universities. We work closely with property managers, consultants, architects and general contractors to ensure all repairs are performed to specification. Pavecon Waterproofing & Restoration currently has Offices located in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, TX. 

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